Sunday, August 29, 2010

KCAI ANIM: Hunting & Gathering Project, PART 1

'Draw me a scene from Kansas City that you find the most nostalgic...'
Dorm room as seen from my Bed.

I traveled Kansas City for a day looking for my favorite spot. It was hard I tell you. Not being a native here, (Oklahoma btw) I wasn't terribly aware of the cool calm spots in KC. I almost posted a scene from the Liberty Memorial but after I sat there for awhile I found that, even though I love the motif, the heat of the midday sun would soon overtake me. 

'So Dorm Room huh?' Yeah, Dorm Room! It's my most comfortable place within KCMO. 

EDIT - Liberty Memorial is actually my favorite place.

'Draw me a scene from your past.'
'Bridge over Route 17, Honjo, Saitama'

I went under this bridge on my host family's bike everyday on the way to and from school. I eventually went on top of it to take a rest one day and it instantly became my relaxation spot when I wanted to get away. It helped that Honjo was overcast quite a bit (My favorite type of weather). Along with the white noise of the cars below returning from Tokyo, I often fell asleep here (Luckily Japan is very safe, especially for large hairy gaijin).


  1. If you shade some parts in the distance a little bit darker, It'll help pop some things out and create a bigger separation of space. Right now it looks a bit flat.

    Nice sense of space and soft shading in your second piece.

  2. Yeah! I agree! But I'm gonna actually use the Liberty Memorial as my favorite place here in a bit. Hopefully then I'll be alright.

  3. Concept:
    The content of both images is solid. With the content of the bridge image being the strongest.

    Both compositions work, but again, the bridge image is more successful due mostly to greater variation in line weight and the use of perspective. There's also more visual interest and implied narrative in this image.

    The dorm room image is flat. Mostly due to a diffuse line weight. Objects in the foreground share the same plain as objects in the background. There is also no tonality present, which strips meaning and atmosphere from the sense of light. The bridge image goes further and actually does create a mood. However, the gradation from dark to light is trapped a little in the middle of the spectrum. The attention to detail and texture is pretty good, but could be more consistent throughout the image.

    Following instruction: