Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just want to mention that the long holds are part of the assignment. If you just want to see the morphing part of the animation click here

KCAI ANIM: Metamorphosis from Paul Kisling on Vimeo.


This straight-ahead style project was a nice breather for me. Didn't have to plan anything out - just draw.
Nice to see my translation of timing from brain to paper is still working. The Helicopter creature and the hand portions were both all completely drawn before I ever tested them on the light box. (They're not perfect mind you but pretty good for guessing.)

The earlier fly-through assignments were not as fun. The bridge scene would have been fine with some in-betweens. But the Liberty Memorial was trying to be too much. I jumped around my areas a bit too much and wasn't able to achieve the 'through-my-eyes' view I was going for. I learned quite a bit about pacing from it though! Expect the next instance of a fly-through to be much smoother.



  1. I came...I saw...I'm jealous.

    Awesome job man, I gotta see those action lines sometime.

  2. I hate and love your work in almost a God-fearing kind of way.

    It's light hearted, but you execute the rhythm of each movement with calculated, instinctive accuracy.