Sunday, August 29, 2010

KCAI ANIM: Hunting & Gathering Project, PART 1

'Draw me a scene from Kansas City that you find the most nostalgic...'
Dorm room as seen from my Bed.

I traveled Kansas City for a day looking for my favorite spot. It was hard I tell you. Not being a native here, (Oklahoma btw) I wasn't terribly aware of the cool calm spots in KC. I almost posted a scene from the Liberty Memorial but after I sat there for awhile I found that, even though I love the motif, the heat of the midday sun would soon overtake me. 

'So Dorm Room huh?' Yeah, Dorm Room! It's my most comfortable place within KCMO. 

EDIT - Liberty Memorial is actually my favorite place.

'Draw me a scene from your past.'
'Bridge over Route 17, Honjo, Saitama'

I went under this bridge on my host family's bike everyday on the way to and from school. I eventually went on top of it to take a rest one day and it instantly became my relaxation spot when I wanted to get away. It helped that Honjo was overcast quite a bit (My favorite type of weather). Along with the white noise of the cars below returning from Tokyo, I often fell asleep here (Luckily Japan is very safe, especially for large hairy gaijin).