Monday, March 26, 2012

Update 3/26/12

Well Hello everyone!

Here is my finished self-directed study piece:

It was intended to help me actually finish a fully colored short with good acting and voice sync. I think I did fairly well. Definitely learned quite a bit. So with this and my Nun n' Gun piece (seen here: my confidence to fully produce my Senior Thesis (Train) is at a point where I am excited to just get down to it. I still need a title though! I'm not gonna call it Train! I won't. Maybe George.

Here is the animatic for George:

And here~ is a test for low gravity hair:

I did look at reference of Astronauts but their hair doesn't move very sexily so~ I'm treating it more like water. As long as it looks good, right?

Thoughts on anything seen thus far are welcome! I need a title guys...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Full Animatic - 'Train' (Working Title...)

Here is my full animatic for Trey Hocks: 'Beyond the Frame' - Pre-Production Class.

Sound is place holder for now! Just there to help you watch it. Funny how sound makes the cuts seem faster!

I need heavy critique, guys. Have at it!

Thanks for all the love!

EDIT: I've changed the beginning since I last posted this. I like the viewer to be confused about the relationship between the guy and hat girl until the pay off at the end.

Also... I need a better title.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ani - Character Design

This is Ani. She is 30. 6'7"
Ani was smuggled out of Sudan at the age of 14 by a young christian missionary with good intentions. The missionary then became enchanted by Ani and she suffered his not so pure attention for the last years of her teenage life. 

At 17 she managed to escape his watchful eye at a crowded train station and boarded a train for Kansas City where she was discovered by her future boxing coach who was impressed by her overwhelming stature. Ani first using it as a way to blow off steam, Ani found that she had some talent would become the champion of the Midwestern All-Female Amateur Heavy-Weight boxing world.  

Name: Ani Smith

Sex: Female

Age: 30

Height: 6’ 7” 

Weight: 230

Color of Hair: Brown 

Color of Eyes: Amber

Skin: Chocolate

Posture: Straight and rigid

Appearance: Sinewy, Taut, and Limber she moves very gracefully despite her lumbering size. Wide shoulders and thinner waist she is often mistaken for a transgender man, this transgression of which she is often very forgiving (As long as those mistaken aren't being rude about it). 

Defects: While she has lived in the US for a little more than half of her life her english still has a very heavy accent. Her feet are a tad too small for her body (Only a size 9) which has fixed her with a more stationary stance in boxing. Her flat nose is supposedly a danger to her if she was ever hit square in the face, it being a weak bone structure and easily shoved into her brain. This has also shaped her boxing stance to a defense heavy role. 

Class: Middle-Lower Class

Occupation: Heavy Weight Boxer

Education: Got her GED at 20. Never went to College but was honored with a Masters in Humanities from Brown University for being a positive female role model. She has since found out that honorary degrees do nothing. 

Home Life: Lives alone. Has 2 large house cats that she keeps on a strict diet. Her personal philosophy stating that her cats will not get fatter than the poor. 

Religion: Agnostic. Since her ordeal as a youth she was never able to reconcile her relationship with the church. She respects and often cooperates with religious charities in the area.

Race: Sudanese

Place in Community: She has a large role in battered women’s shelters and food shelters, spurred by her past experiences and the want to better other abused women's lives. She does a lot of community work. Her neighbors always thank her with baked goods which she graciously accepts, she feels guilty about not asking for them to donate the resources to charity but her brownie addiction often overcomes these feelings. She trains with all men in her gym and has become the gym 'daughter'. In the beginning she was very untrusting of them at first, but came to rely on them when she was feeling lonely or scared. Her coach and gym mates are the only men she trusts and feels close to.

Political Affiliations: Independent. 

Amusements, Hobbies: Boxing. Has a secret wish to learn ballet and owns all the necessary attire in her apartment. She has been caught by her neighbors walking around her place wearing a tutu. 

Sex Life, Moral Standards: After her experiences with her smuggler when she was young she has never taken on any new lovers. 

Personal Premise, Ambition: To one day go back to Sudan and reunite with her family and using her fight earnings bring them back to America. In order to do so she will have to go professional in order to earn enough money.

Frustrations, Chief Disappointments: That she doesn’t know what became of her family since the rebel fighting in Sudan increased. 

Temperament: Kind and sweet to women. To most men she is polite but will never make an attempt to get any closer to them then is necessary. The ring is where she unleashes her anger of her past on her willing opponents. She was approached to fight a heavyweight male contender in a 'Dream Bout'. During the fight, she took one light blow to her chin. She snapped and torn him apart in the first round. She hasn't gotten any requests like that since.

Attitude Toward Life: While her means of escaping Sudan were unsavory she considers herself very lucky to have been liberated and lives her life as well as she can to make her Mother proud. 

Complexes: Self-Conscious about her body size when she is outside of the gym. 

Abilities: KO’ed the previous female champion in 1 Round - 48 Seconds with a left hook. Great front dash.

I.Q.: 138 


Harry Clarke
Alphonse Mucha

Rune Bennicke:

Viktor Vastetsov:


Monday, October 10, 2011

Mid-Semester Progress

Well hello everyone!
I've got a few things to show you!

This below is an Animatic I've done for my 'Beyond the Frame' pre-production class. We had to write a script, do character breakdowns, and then for mid-term produce a scene. I chose to do that in Animatic form. Below is an excerpt: I'll post the whole thing when finished. It'll make more sense complete:

Here is the lip-sync for main studio:

And~~ the La Boheme stage design for my 3D modeling class: