Monday, March 26, 2012

Update 3/26/12

Well Hello everyone!

Here is my finished self-directed study piece:

It was intended to help me actually finish a fully colored short with good acting and voice sync. I think I did fairly well. Definitely learned quite a bit. So with this and my Nun n' Gun piece (seen here: my confidence to fully produce my Senior Thesis (Train) is at a point where I am excited to just get down to it. I still need a title though! I'm not gonna call it Train! I won't. Maybe George.

Here is the animatic for George:

And here~ is a test for low gravity hair:

I did look at reference of Astronauts but their hair doesn't move very sexily so~ I'm treating it more like water. As long as it looks good, right?

Thoughts on anything seen thus far are welcome! I need a title guys...

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